Donald I. Brownstein/John McDermott Scholarship in Humanities

Scholarships to undergraduate students at the College who are majoring in or studying subject matters relating to a Humanities Discipline. The term “Humanities Disciplines” shall include: (i) Philosophy, (ii) History; (iii) Art History; (iv) Languages and Literary Studies; (v) Mathematics; (vi) Cultural Anthropology; (vii) Sociology; (viii) Economics; (ix) Political Theory; and (x) Humanistic Studies. Students who have completed at least 30 credits with a GPA of 3.5 or above, pursuing a degree in the above disciplines, are eligible to apply. Student must be registered for (and complete) a minimum of 15 credits in the semester for which they are funded.

Honors and Scholarships 718-997-5502
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the importance of a Liberal Arts education? How do your educational choices reflect your commitment to the liberal arts? Please write a 120 word response addressing these questions in the box below.
  2. What are your career plans and how is your commitment to the humanities reflected in your plans? Please write a 120 word response addressing this question in the box below.